We had a great experience working directly with the attorneys, Sophia and Stephanie. We were hesitant to start the estate planning process but they made it so simple and easy. We were interested by what we read on their website and decided to visit their seminar at the senior center. They were very knowledgeable and when with sat down with them for an initial consultation, they explained everything very clearly. They answered all of our questions and responded to our emails quickly. Even after all our documents were signed, the great service continued. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Bill & Pat L.

The difference between the will and living trust was well-explained. Sophia was very patient explaining the benefits of the living trust vs. will.

Manuel H.

I really appreciate that Sophia took so much time in listening to my wishes to the family trust.

Yvonne C.

Ease of communication through email was most helpful.

Diane M.

Setting up a trust is a daunting endeavor. Sophia was great in explaining and guiding us with advice on difficult choices. She is very approachable and helpful. Highly recommend.

Miguel C.

I had wanted to establish a living trust but I had no idea how to start or where to go. Sakamoto & Ruelas answered all my questions and set up a living trust that ensures my assets are distributed to my family in an efficient manner when the time comes. I have no complaints. Every step of this process was smooth.

Rick G.

I had tried to set up a trust with a different attorney, but did not feel comfortable until I found the law offices of Sakamoto & Ruelas. Stephanie answered all my questions and gave me plenty of time to review the documents. She clarified everything, including cost, and addressed my concern. Professional, respectful, friendly, and very affordable service.

Douglas A.

The initial meeting was very informative and the attorney explained things clearly. Everything was great.

Miguel V.

Sophia was on top of things, kept us well-informed of the process. She explained everything about our trust very thoroughly and answered all our questions to our satisfaction. Would highly recommend their services.

Ruben P.

I made many calls looking for the right trust lawyer. When I called Sakamoto & Ruelas, Sophia called me back herself, explained the process and we set up an appointment. She was so detailed in her explanations and I felt I got more knowledge and service than I expected, which translated to trust! Thank you.

Maria V.

What we liked the most was that the attorney listened to us carefully and came back diligently with options and solutions. Progressing with each step, I started learning and felt more comfortable. Thanks for genius ideas and following up with revisions.

Kyung M.

This was my first time dealing with a will & living trust. The items needed and the process was more than I expected. Sophia helped me through the process. She explained every document and why it was needed. She answered all my questions.

S. Gutierrez

My first time engaging with this firm, and very impressed. Very professional yet comfortable, knowledgeable, and great communication. My questions answered promptly. Would work with them again in a heartbeat. I liked the ease of the transaction, knowledge, and the excellent communication. Painless! I see nothing needed to improve upon. Sincere thanks for your time and expertise.

Wilson O.

I liked that I was able to meet in person, express my concerns and wishes, which were well taken care of. I was able to complete my will. I enjoyed working with Sakamoto & Ruelas. Phone calls and email were returned promptly. All questions were answered. Professional and caring. Thanks again for the help I received.


We liked how prepared, organized, reliable Sophia exhibited. She explained everything easily; followed through on every change requested by us. We feel relieved that our wishes have been thoroughly addressed and documented in our newly created trust so that our wishes will be fulfilled in the future.

William Q.

Every step of the process was very positive. Sophia is very knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and very thorough. Before meeting with Sophia, I knew nothing about a living trust. But now I can talk to my friends about the importance of having a living trust and have referred them to Sophia. Thank you!!!


We had talked about getting an estate plan for several years and finally selected Sakamoto & Ruelas to help us through the process. We only visited the office twice, once for the introduction and initial discussion and once for the signing. We had a couple of phone calls to answer a few questions. We never felt rushed and got all our questions answered in detail. Each step in the process was explained to us and we reviewed all the final documents with Sophia. It is such a relief to have this finished. We have already recommended them to friends and family.

Keith & Sherry F.

I’m so fortunate to have found Sakamoto & Ruelas. Sophia and Stephanie made the process of creating a trust easy to understand, and easy to do. They promptly follow through with each step of the way. I highly recommend this firm.

Sally K.

I liked the extent of Stephanie’s knowledge and the good advice regarding updating my trust. I also appreciated her listening to me and my daughters on the changes we requested. There was nothing to dislike. Most important to me is that now I have peace of mind knowing that my trust is now up-to-date, and all my heirs are in my inheritance for them.

Mary P.

I gained insight and knowledge regarding estate planning. I felt security and satisfaction after working with the firm. Before, I felt insecure and stressed over the future and now I am able to sleep better at night and worry less.

Arnold G.

Sophia made a complex issue easy to understand; materials were top quality; wonderful, friendly service.

Greg G.

After putting it off for too long, I recently decided to update my trust, will, etc. I feel very blessed at finding local trust lawyers who were professional, friendly, and advised me according to the current laws. The law firm of Sakamoto & Ruelas, APC, scheduled an appointment with me quickly, listened to my needs, and walked me through the revamping process with little to no confusion and a lot of sound advice. I met with both Stephanie Ruelas and Sophia Sakamoto who were patient, intelligent, and interested in giving me the trust/will I requested, with attention to detail. I highly recommend this firm if you want to create a new trust/will or update an existing one. Having a trust/will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones, so don’t wait to do the right thing. Thanks to Sakamoto & Ruelas I finally have peace of mind knowing my affairs are in order.

Reba N.

It has been a pleasure to work with this firm-personnel are knowledgeable and personable. Since my previous attorney passed away, I was delighted to be introduced to Sakamoto & Ruelas. I’d recommend the firm most highly!


I couldn’t have made a better choice in selecting Sakamoto & Ruelas to update my existing trust. I had the pleasure of working with both Sophia and Stephanie and was impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the law which was very helpful in coming up with workable solutions to the special needs of my beneficiary. Overall, I found them to be very friendly and caring in helping me achieve a restatement of my living trust which was much more suited to my unique situation than the original. Finally, I was very impressed (especially when compared to my original trust) with the quality of the final product. The binder of documents was very thoughtfully organized and presented in an easy-to-understand professional manner. At least I can now say that I fully understand the details of my trust! Thank you Sophia and Stephanie! It’s comforting to know that you are there for me should the need rise for further consultations regarding my estate plan.

Russell W.

Both Sophia and Stephanie were very professional and easy to work with. Thank you both. The service was very efficient. There are no improvements to be needed.


Sophia is very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased working with your team. I really learned a lot working with Sophia and I feel so much more at peace with all my arrangements made and my loved ones taken care of.

Sam R.

The services from Sakamoto & Ruelas were professional, thorough, complete, and affordable. Everything was completed within one month’s time and in only two visits. We now have peace of mind that our child will be cared for and inherit all that we have worked hard for if something were to happen to us.

Liz R.

What I liked the most is the way the attorney explained everything and answered our questions so we can understand better. You don’t need to improve as the firm has met our expectations.


Prior to our initial visit, we were “stalled” as to how to proceed with our living trust. After working with Sophia Sakamoto, we were motivated (and relieved) to have completed our trust.


Thanks for being so patient with us.


Every aspect of service provided was excellent. Very professional, exceptional follow-up, very thorough, complete confidence in final documents.


Sophia is very friendly, cordial, professional.


We met with Sophia to update our estate planning. She addressed our concerns thoroughly and provided excellent service.


I appreciated the understanding and friendliness. I have already referred 3 others, 2 who have already utilized your services.

Cheryl R.

Your corporation provides very detail-oriented and clear explanations of compiling the estate planning for us.


We like your friendly and professional customer service. We especially appreciate your directness with clear explanations.


Very convenient and friendly staff. We had a tragic accident happen in our family during the time we were working with Sakamoto & Ruelas, and the whole staff was very compassionate, helpful and understanding to our needs. Thank you.

Kathleen U.

Responsive to e-mail communications. Willing to accommodate inability to do stairs, helpful referrals.

Nancy R.

Very responsive, efficient, excellent explanations of everything in clear non-jargon terms.

Jessi H.

Sophia was able and willing to answer any questions we had.

Scott & Stacey E.

Very responsive to inquiries about the service and to our multitude of questions about the documents.

Gilbert & Georgina E.

It was a pleasure! I have given your name already to friends!

John & Shannon M.

A very professional and organized team who made very complex material easy to understand. Our questions were answered quickly, in a timely manner. We appreciate Sophia’s patience.


It was a pleasure working with Sophia and Wendy. Sophia took her time to get to know my family situation and clearly explained everything. Wendy was prompt in responding to all our questions.


I was concerned about how complex putting together a living trust would be-but Sophia made the process so easy. And Sophia and Wendy was so incredibly helpful with all the questions I had throughout the process. It’s given me a lot of peace of mind to have my trust completely done and exactly the way I wanted to have it.


Stephanie and her team were extra accommodating with all of our questions and concerns. That level of care and attention carried through the entire estate planning process. Thank you!

Alessandro B.

Sophia was great to work with. She was easily reached at all times. We appreciated how thorough she was every time we met.

Wayne K.

I was very relieved to have completed the trust knowing that my daughter will be able to handle the distribution of the proceeds with very little effort. The legal expertise of the attorney was very, very high.

Robert R.

It was a pleasure working with Sophia and Wendy. Sophia took her time to get to know my family situation and clearly explained everything. Wendy was prompt in responding to all our questions.


The best part of our experience with Sakamoto & Ruelas is the peace of mind from the comprehensive work they completed for us.

Chris & Beth B.

It was a pleasure working with Sophia to update our trust. We had worked with two other firms in the past and although adequate, they weren’t as easy to work with and did not explain things as thoroughly as Sophia.

Mike P.

You made this process easier to understand and made us feel at ease.


Sophia took her time carefully explaining to us each section in our package. She was able to answer any questions that we had and was able to accommodate the necessary changes we made even at the last minute. We highly recommend Sophia and her team.


Communicating with Sophia and Wendy was always prompt and helpful.

Grace T.

Sophia and the entire staff have made this estate planning an easy process. Thank you for your professionalism and care!

Parijat & Madhuchhanda K.

Key benefits are learning about the trust process and various documents and also peace of mind knowing that our assets are protected from the lengthy probate process.


I can’t recommend Sakamoto & Ruelas highly enough. They were thorough, pleasant and skillful in addressing our needs. And they did it all in a way that was painless and easy to understand. I am very pleased.

Brian H.

I was uncertain of what I should do when the time comes. I have secured my decisions for my future.

Mary Anne P.

The ease of the process and the willingness of Stephanie to provide detailed information to ensure I understand every detail was very helpful and appreciated.

Camellia A.

It was very easy to understand everything in plain English, I do recommend this law firm. Also very helpful to Spanish speakers.

Salvador R.

Before working with the firm we were hesitant on the process and how overwhelming all the information may be. After working with Sophia Sakamoto we felt confident-she walked us through the process, answered every question, and ran hypotheticals to better understand our decision-making.

Juan & Bertha H.

Having the peace of mind that our finances and wishes are set out in advance is very reassuring! The team at Sakamoto & Ruelas made the process to collect everything, connect to ask questions, and finalize all the details simple and easy.


Attorney Sakamoto is very thorough and will meet your needs.


We had peace of mind that years after my husband passed a trust was created. Sophia was thorough and explained the process, communicating every detail. It was a pleasure to work with a lawyer that is trustworthy.

Maria L

All work was done excellently and on time.

Paul G.

Timely response to requests for assistance and no pressure. Knowledgeable answers that were easy to follow.


The initial consultation with Attorney Sakamoto via ZOOM was comprehensive, reviewing her presentation of types of trusts and wills. She addressed our concerns and issues with kind and thoughtful answers. The trust and related documentation were comprehensive, well-written, and presented digitally over secure email and in a professional binder for the final documents.

David S.

Thanks to Sakamoto & Ruelas we have peace of mind. I will recommend them to my friends.

Raul M.

Despite the pandemic, your office was able to accommodate us with thorough services.


Our entire trust was done with ease, professionalism, and expedience. The end product is a well put-together portfolio that reflects knowledge, expertise, and value in profession.

Helen S.

Sophia Kim Sakamoto and her team were very professional, passionate, and caring to her clients. She made us feel very comfortable during this uncomfortable process! Also, she has made the payments to her very flexible and affordable! Excellent service, highly recommended!

Alfred M.

Sakamoto & Ruelas made a daunting task much easier and I feel such a sense of relief. I appreciate their professionalism and quick turnaround in helping me with this legal matter.

Janet W.

Top notch professionals delivering top notch service.

Mike T.

It was a pleasure working with Sophia Sakamoto to prepare our estate planning documents. Preparing an estate planning portfolio is a delicate and complicated matter that requires much forethought and reflection to make sure we are making the right choices. She took the time to clearly explain each of our options and the content of the documents that were prepared in appropriate detail…We now have a well-organized, up-to-date estate planning portfolio that will protect our family and assets if an unfortunate circumstance should befall either of us. As a result, we have much greater peace of mind now, compared to how we felt prior to working with Ms. Sakamoto.

Robert G.

This very important task of planning for our future was daunting, but you relieved us of our fears and exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the extremely professional team of Sakamoto & Ruelas.

Basil D.

We appreciated the professionalism of Sophia and her team and their help to get our trust completed and executed despite Covid-19 complications and restrictions.


After having a horrible experience with an attorney who had no idea what they were doing it was so reassuring to work with a professional.

Sara R.

I had a terrific experience working with Sophia. She is so compassionate, professional, experienced, and was very patient answering questions…I would highly recommend Ms. Sophia’s services to anyone who would like to have their living trusts or wills set up.


Working with Sophia was easy and the peace of mind we have knowing our children will be taken care of is invaluable.

Kevin L.

We are better prepared for our care and in leaving a well-planned estate for our loved ones. This preparation enables us to live our lives carefree, knowing we are prepared.


We had worked to do our estate planning for years but we kept procrastinating fearing having to deal with all the legal process, but Attorney Stephanie Ruelas made the process very simple and easy to follow.

Gabriela C.

Easy explanations, friendly, polite, peace of mind; the children are provided for.

Terica F.

The process was straightforward and simple. Sophia made everything very easy to understand. Felt very comfortable creating our trust and will with her.

Linda T.

I had no idea what direction to take after seeing my parents’ trust in 2019. I felt I had to do a trust, but who would I trust and feel confident in working with? I met Sophia Sakamoto in 2019. She was highly recommended. I attended a BNI meeting and saw her do a presentation on the importance of having a trust to protect your estate for your children. She designed a trust for us that met all of our needs. We are a blended family…one of my daughters has special needs, so a special component was added to our trust to manage her needs. We are very happy and pleased with our trust.

Jill N.

From start to end, Sophia was a consummate professional and an expert in her field. She also impressed us with her personal touch and caring attitude. She immediately earned our trust and we are happy to have found her. Her assistants were also nice and helpful.

Alicia A.

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